Radical Strategy is a management consulting firm specialising in leadership and innovation. The services we offer are designed to align and build leadership capability to solve complex problems and meet industry challenges.


  • Special Projects
  • Strategy Refresh
  • Service Design


  • Board Effectiveness
  • Development Programmes
  • Leadership Alignment


  • Organisation Development
  • Velvet Revolutions
  • Culture Shift



Group of musicians all playing the violin
Portsmouth Sinfonia

Radical Strategy The Portsmouth Sinfonia was founded by Gavin Bryars, a professional musician and composer. He decided

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Cute anthropomorphic robot with large eyes looking at the viewer
Productivity: The Moravec Paradox

Hans Moravec, a computer scientist, pointed out something that is counter-intuitive. He noted that it is...

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A view looking through a window over a modern city.
The Overton Window

The Overton window is named Jospeh P. Overton, who was interested in the range of acceptable ideas informing...

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A view through a number of lined up white door frames.
Frames of Reference: Travelling without Moving

Jamiroquai’s third studio album, Travelling Without Moving, included a...

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